What are the Advantages of Briquettes?

High density : Briquettes are formulated by compressing the raw materials offer higher density, in contrast to the loose biomass resulting in more concentrated energy than charcoal and wood.

Longer Burning Process : In contrast to other burning fuel, briquettes burn for a longer time.

Renewable Fuel : Unlikely to petrol, diesel and ignite, briquettes are renewable which offers sustainability of the source.

Efficient : The compression and drying process reduces the high amount of moisture from available in the raw material, resulting in high intensity heat for a long time.

Reduce The Waste : Briquettes have high thermal value, in contrast to other fuels used in the industries. Resulting in less ash content left after completion of the burning.

No Air Pollution: An exclusive and imperative feature of the briquettes such as it emits no or smoke, carbon deposits, gases, toxic chemicals or soot throughout the burning process. Likewise, it produces no or less amount of ash.

Less Investment : The raw material used in the briquettes is available all around you, the matter is just to invest in gathering and make it reach to your plant.

Easy Operation : Briquetting plant is very easy to operate and control, resulting in hassle free and efficient operation.

Easy To Store And Transport : The shape and size aspects offer easy storage process and the high density ensures no splintering during transportation.

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