Manufacturing Process of Biomass Briquettes

Drying : The material used in the briquetting plant must have moisture content less than 10%, if the moisture content is higher, you need to remove the excess moisture from the material by using the biomass material drying machine.

Crushing : If the size of the raw material is larger than 200 mm, briquetting plant demands to convert into smaller pieces between 3-5mm. The biomass material crusher is used to prepare suitable size raw material for the biomass briquetting plant. The selection of the crushing machine is solely depending upon the size of the raw material. To get the support and solution concerned with crushing machine, contact us.

Screening : Screening process taken under consideration after the completion of crushing process, in which the improperly sized raw material gets eliminated. The screening process is must to prevent hazardous failure of the machine and deliver the supreme quality briquettes as an end product.

Briquetting : After the assurance of perfect moisture, perfect size and perfect crushing, briquetting process take place, in which biomass briquette press operates under high pressure and high temperature to compress the biomass material into small, medium or large sized bricks. The material continuously feed to the plant, once the temperature of the machine set to 300 °C. The size of the briquettes depends upon the selection of briquetting plant.

Biomass Briquettes Manufacturer


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