Latest Technology for Briquetting

19th century, 1865, the briquetting technology had evolved, since that time continues efforts are made to improve briquetting technology. There are mainly two technologies which have been introduced to the world by Europe, USA and Japan, sequentially as ram/piston press and screw press technology.

In the piston/ram type of briquetting technology hydraulic piston is used for light pressure whereas, mechanical piston is used for where higher pressure is required to form a briquettes. In screw type as the name suggests screw extruder used to made bio mass briquettes with the heated die.

Screw type Briquetting Technology

  • Low production capacity
  • The center hole design reduces the strength of briquettes
  • Screw demands maintenance which is costly
  • Production cost in INR/MT is high
  • High electric consumption
  • Ram and die Briquetting Technology

Hydraulic piston technology

  • Recommended for small sized briquettes
    high capital cost

Hydraulic piston technology

  • Low cost due to easy availability of from the origin only
  • Friction between biomass is lesser, resulted in less machine wear
  • Optimum output
  • Lower production cost in INR/MT
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to operate
  • Internationally accepted technology

Biomass Briquetting India


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