Briquetting Plant


Jumbo 90 MM Large Scale Briquetting Plant

90 mm Large Size Briquetting Plant

Nothing facilitates to improve your product rather than experience, our 21 years of solid work and an experience has made us specialist in briquettes manufacturing.

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75 MM Supreme Model of Briquetting Plant

75 mm Medium Size Briquetting Plant

When budget is your constraint, you no need to worry. We have a solution to your budget constraints. Our experience has given us, an unparalleled expertise.

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Biomass Powder Making Unit

65 mm Small Size Briquetting Plant

We do not find the customers, customers find our product. Our team analyzes the market and understands the need of the customers, and implement the advancement.

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Biomass Crusher Cum Shredder Machine

Crusher for Biomass Briquetting Plant

The biomass crusher is also known as the shredder, is the first necessity of any type of biomass briquetting plant as it is used to compress and chop the biomass material.

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Raw Material

Here is the table of biomass raw material and fuel material which indicates the calorific value of each biomass raw material and fuel material for your reference.



Since the establishment year 1994, we are engrossed in the manufacturing, supplying and exporting briquetting plants, briquetting press and briquetting material with the aim of awareness towards biomass briquettes and encourage others to use our product for producing an environment friendly renewable energy substitute, in contrast to coal, charcoal, diesel, petrol, lignite, etc.

22+ Experianced Briquetting Plant Manufacturer Years

in Biomass Briquetting

JAY KHODIYAR MACHINE TOOLS is one of the top most manufacturer and supplier of briquetting, biomass briquetting plant in Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

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Use our Briquetting Plant, Briquetting Machines to produce a biomass briquettes which are the best substitute to a coal and biomass fuel which offers a better form of concentrated energy without emitting smoke and toxic chemicals and contribute in forming “better world and better future” with us.

Using briquetting plant, you can solve the major issue of the non renewable energy source like petrol, coal and lignite which once used, cannot re produce it. In addition, can solve the pollution caused by the non renewable energy source, as briquetting plants are using waste discharge as a raw material to form briquettes and these briquettes are highly acknowledged by the various industries as the substitute of charcoal, coal and biomass fuel.

By using briquetting plants which are used to form briquettes you can solve the pollution problem.

Why us?

We have 23 years of experience in manufacturing, supplying and exporting supreme quality briquetting plant, briquetting machines, crushers and dryers. The immaculate end product is the result of our team endeavors towards latest technology, superiority and cost effectiveness, which is hardly available at once:

  • ISO standardizes product
  • Sophisticated tools for manufacturing
  • 21 years of skilled team
  • Made of high graded raw material
  • Ascetic examined machines
  • Impeccable end product assurance
  • Latest technology implementation
  • Globally acknowledged products
  • Cost effectiveness
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  • All About Briquette And Briquette Plant
  • All About Biomass
  • What are the Advantages of Biomass Briquettes?
  • What are the Advantages of Biomass Briquetting Plant?
  • Best of Biomass Briquettes

All About Briquette And Briquette Plant

What is Briquette?

Briquettes are the small flammable bricks produced using biomass flammable material (charcoal, wood chips, peat, sawdust, or paper) as a raw material or using coal dust as a raw material for making briquettes.

What is Biomass Briquette?

Biomass briquettes are also a small flammable brick but, the difference is the raw material used for producing biomass briquettes. The biomass briquette made of the green waste/ biodegradable waste (trimmed grass, dumped vegetable waste, flower cutting, dumped food waste, etc).

What is Briquetting Plant?

The Briquetting plant is an advanced technology to form fuel blocks from the charcoal or coal, in which high pressure is applied to combine raw material and form a block.

What is Biomass Briquetting Plant?

The Biomass briquetting plant is an advanced technology used to form small, medium or large blocks of the agro, forest and natural waste. The high pressure enables to form a block from a green waste without any use of chemicals.

All About Biomass

What is Biomass?

Biomass is biological material derived from the various living or recently living, which can be the material derived from the vegetable, plants, animals, industries and much more. The best example of biomass is: wood brought out from cutting trees, dried vegetation, remained part of various crops, natural waste, and garbage.

What is Biomass Energy?

The substance comes from living or recently living organism is called bio-mass. All the plants use sun light to produce food and store in the body as chemical. Once it is died the energy stored in the plants remains inside only. And when it burns, the stored energy is converted into the biomass energy which is used in the diversified industries for heating purpose.

Types of biomass raw material

There are five basic types of biomass raw material which is basically crops, residues, and wastage of the industries.

  • Energy crops:  The high yield crops specially grown for energy applications are known as energy crops.
  • Agricultural residues:  The residues derived from agriculture harvesting or processing are known as agricultural residues.
  • Food waste:  The Post consumer waste of food and drink are known as food waste.
  • Industrial waste: The waste of manufacturing industries during the process and after manufacturing is known as industrial waste
  • Virgin wood: The wood from the forestry or from wood processing is known as virgin wood.

What are the Advantages of Biomass Briquettes?

  • High density: Briquettes are formulated by compressing the raw materials offer higher density, in contrast to the loose biomass resulting in more concentrated energy than charcoal and wood.
  • Longer Burning Process: In contrast to other burning fuel, briquettes burn for a longer time.
  • Renewable Fuel:  Unlikely to petrol, diesel and ignite, briquettes are renewable which offers sustainability of the source.
  • Efficient: The compression and drying process reduces the high amount of moisture from available in the raw material, resulting in high intensity heat for a long time.
  • Reduce The Waste: Briquettes have high thermal value, in contrast to other fuels used in the industries. Resulting in less ash content left after completion of the burning.
  • No Air Pollution: An exclusive and imperative feature of the briquettes such as it emits no or smoke, carbon deposits, gases, toxic chemicals or soot throughout the burning process. Likewise, it produces no or less amount of ash.
  • Less Investment: The raw material used in the briquettes is available all around you, the matter is just to invest in gathering and make it reach to your plant.
  • Easy Operation: Briquetting plant is very easy to operate and control, resulting in hassle free and efficient operation.
  • Easy To Store And Transport: The shape and size aspects offer easy storage process and the high density ensures no splintering during transportation.

What are the Advantages of Biomass Briquetting Plant?

Immense demand of the briquettes in the industries offers an opportunity for setting up a business as:

  • Less investment and double profit
  • Availability of loan from the govt. banks
  • Subsidies from govt.
  • No Govt. excise duty due to renewable project
  • 5 years of benefit in income tax return
  • Easy to seek out the raw material used for briquettes
  • Best business opportunity for the locals residing at surrounded by forests
  • No emission of toxic chemicals throughout the manufacturing process resulting in
  • Offers pollution free environment
  • Required less power consumption
  • High efficiency and defined end product
  • Less wastage at the end of the process
  • No other binding component required
  • Be the reasonable part of the pollution free environment
  • Spreading awareness for being the part of the eco friendly world by pursuing your product
  • Save the import duty on the fossil fuel by offering briquettes

Best of Biomass Briquettes

Briquettes are Best substitute of:

Good news for the industries, now they have a better substitute of conventional fuel. The briquettes are the best, economical, pollution free, easy to use substitute for replacing all the below fuels. By using briquettes you can get rid of smoke and toxic chemical which are emitted during the burning process of the conventional fuel.

  • Coal
  • Diesel
  • Lignite
  • Kerosene
  • Furnace Oil
  • Firewood

Get the best profit of enormous demand of briquettes by installing briquetting plant at your firm. To set up the briquetting plant, contact us.

Biomass briquettes are best for:

If you are engrossed with below industries or similar industries which demands fuel, then briquettes are the best economical option for you.

Agriculture Ceramic Industry Chemical Units Dyeing Plants Food Processing Industries
Brick Making Units Milk Plants Gasification system Solvent Extraction Plant Refractory Industry
Foundries Gasification system Lamination Industries Leather Industries Vegetable Plants
Spinning Mill Thermal industries Textile Units    

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