65 mm Small Size Briquetting Plant

Why us for 65 mm small size briquetting plant?

We do not find the customers, customers find our product. Our team analyzes the market and understands the need of the customers, and implement the advancement and experience to mold a briquetting plant which is best fitted to their need and budget. 65 mm small size briquetting plants are small in size, required powder form of the biomass raw material to form 65 mm briquettes and best suited to the buyers who have small firm plan.

We are the renowned manufacturer of 65 mm small size briquetting plant, apart from manufacturing we are the supplier of 65 mm small size briquetting plant. Our product not only limited to the region we belongs, we supply our product in all the states of India as well as we are the exporter of 65 mm small size briquetting plant. We already have served the clients belonging from USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, South Africa, France and New Zealand.

Export ratio 70%
Export Marker The entire nations of the world
OEM Service Available
Production capacity 20 plants/month
Membership EEPC, REA
Product 65 mm small size briquetting plant


65 mm Small Sized Briquetting Plant is a result of endeavors, to develop a product which has certain unparalleled features like:

  • Low electric power consumption
  • low production cost due to the advanced technology
  • Low maintenance due to sturdy structure design
  • Equipped with direct feeding system offer no waste of raw material
  • Equipped with digital temperature control to measure the temperature
  • The Siren system indicates any problem occurs in the machine
  • No air pollution due to the absence of chemicals
  • Delivers high density 90 mm end product

Operation Requirement of 65 mm small size briquetting plant :-

Power 80 HP / 60 KW
Pressure 1200 kg/cm2
bulk density 140 to 200 kg/m3
Moisture of raw material Less than 12%
Raw material size 6 mm



  • If the size of the raw material is larger than 6 mm crushing process is required to prevent any hazardous failure of the 65 mm briquetting plant.
  • If the moisture level of the raw material is higher than 12%, dryer process is required to deliver high density and supreme quality end product.

Specification of 65 mm small size briquetting plant:

Plant capacity 700-850kg/hr
Type Alloy crank shaft
No. of strokes 210 mm
No. of Run per minute 215
Practical used Amp. Load 60 –70 Amp
Power consumption   50 –55 Units / Hr
Process cost 600 to 750 INR/ MT

NOTE : The figures shown in the above table is the estimated, it may vary depending upon the application.

End product features of 65 mm small size briquetting plant:

Diameter size Briquette length Product Shape
65 mm 100mm To 200 mm Cylindrical

Production capacity of 65 mm small size briquetting plant:

Saw Dust         700 to 850 Kg/ Hr
Sugarcane Baggasse 450 to 500 Kg/ Hr
Mix Raw Material 600 To 750 Kg/Hr
Groundnut shell 700 to 900Kg/ Hr
Rice Husk        350 to 450  Kg/ Hr

NOTE : The production capacity of the above table is estimated and solely based upon the density and existed moisture content of the used raw material.

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